About Us

We founded APLA Cards after having a bad day at work and opening our first pack of Pokemon cards since we were children. It was the 2013 Legendary Treasures collection and we managed to pull an ultra rare gold card. We were both instantly filled with that childhood excitement and we wanted to bring that joy back to others and decided to open our own store. 

At first we sold off spares from our own collections and bid on bundles of cards hoping for that shadowless Charizard (Spoilers: We never got it).

We soon reached out to manufacturers and distributors and managed to expand our range of products. 


We have been trading since 2014 and have sold over 5,000 Pokemon products. We love hearing from our customers and want to spread the joy of opening cards to all. 


Meet The Team



Andrew has been collecting Pokémon cards since he was a child and still gets excited about the latest and greatest Pokémon collections. Founding APLA Cards in 2014 was a great way to expand this much-loved hobby into a business.


Favourite Pokémon Card:

Dragonite Black Star Promo #5


Sales & Customer Support

Lily helped get the business on its feet when we started back in 2014. She primarily looks after our website and products, ensuring that we secure and list the latest releases, and most importantly supports our valued customers.


Favourite Pokémon Card:

Reshiram Gold Full Art Secret Rare 114/113 from Legendary Treasures Collection 


Accounts & Finance

All our accounts and suppliers are managed by our amazing Amanda. She makes sure that all our accounts are up to date and without her we wouldn't be able to run the store

Favourite Pokémon Card: 

Any with Squirtle on it! 


Chief Tail Wagger

The most important member of our team, our Border Collie & chief Tail Wagger! Iris makes sure that our team stay motivated and also double checks all our delivered parcels to make sure no tasty treats are inside.

Favourite Pokémon Card:

None, thankfully! You won't find any unwanted teeth marks on your lovely new products :)